Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cleaning out your closet for a good cause!

As a lover of fashion sometimes you end up having a clothing graveyard in your closet. The clothing graveyard is the bunch of jeans, shoes,shirts, that you haven;t worn in maybe 2 years but you just can't let them I know this very well because I am still working on trying to let go of those jeans from maybe 4 years ago that will probably never be worn again. There are great ways to let go some of those clothes. Twice a year the local church calls and ask if I have any clothes to give away. I always say yes and spend 2 hours digging to see what I want and don't want. But I have to be honest, sometimes I still hold onto those old sweaters thinking I can wear it in a blizzard one day. lol But there is a great charity site named and you can find great charities that would be happy to take those old duds off your hands. : )

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