Monday, February 5, 2007

Fashion Week 07' : Tracee Reese Fashion Show

I am a huge fan of Tracee Reese, not only because she is a sista, but because she is a designer who makes women look amazing. I always try to catch her show on Full Frontal every Fashion Week and this year she didn't disappoint me at all. She kept her collection feminine yet edgy. Her use of sequins mixed with tulle were fab. I'm not a huge fan of the white striped stockings but I love how she did polka dots on the black stocking. Her collections are always filled with color. The hot pink taffeta cocktail dresses are so cute. And how about those metallic jackets? So hot! I'm sure we will see celebs like Beyonce and Eva Longoria rocking some of the outfits in this collection very soon. Go Tracee Reese! Look out for a "Designer Spotlight" on her real soon.

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