Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I love Sarah Jessica Parker, not only for her fashion sense but for the simple fact she understands the average person in the world can't afford a $700.00 pair of shoes or a $800.00 hang bag. I love Gwen Stefani but her clothing line LAMB is very over priced. If I'm going to spend a crap load on a bag, its going to be Prada not LAMB by Gwen Stefani. SJP gave incite on her new clothing line for Steve & Barry's in the new issue of Glamour Magazine

SJP:"Stefani’s designs are “much more avant-garde, definitely high fashion,” Parker opines. “I don’t want to do that for women, because that’s not their lives.”
Parker says her line won’t land you in the poorhouse. “You’re going to be able to buy $200 worth of clothes, leave that store with six bags and be able to pay your utilities and take your kids someplace special for their birthday.”
And Parker knows firsthand what it’s like trying to raise kids on little money. When she was growing up-she was one of eight kids-her family was on public assistance briefly. “I got all of my oldest sister’s hand-me-downs,” Parker tells writer Bob Morris. “And by the time I inherited them, they were really out of fashion.”

Parker calls her clothes “Affordable, well-made, and slightly trendy” and says she’s giving a chance to the women in the “rest of the country” to experience fashion

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