Friday, July 6, 2007

Public going crazy for CROCS

Are Crocs the new Ugg? A shoe that is super comfy but most people find them to be absolutely hideous? Well I actually think Uggs are cute, some may tend to differ. Crocs have taken the public by storm. I have seen young children to grandparents rocking these shoes. So I decided to slip my foot in a pair of Crocs to figure out what the craze was about. Well I can tell you they are super soft,comfy and really molds to your feet. I turned them over to find a slip resistant bottom. Also they are plastic so they are easy to clean. I can't see myself wearing these, maybe if I lived near the beach, but all power to all you Croc lovers out there!

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Anonymous said...

I love when things that are like, really old all of a sudden become a fashion trend...half the people wearing them dont even know what they were originally made for...but im not gonna lie, i used to walk around in a defective pair we had at one of my old jobs hahaha...

~Thee Infamous Kay Cee Bee