Saturday, August 25, 2007

Style Flashback: Aaliyah

I have been really busy lately and haven't been able to blog all week. Sorry guys. But I'm back... in full effect! Today will mark the six year anniversary of Aaliyah's death and I wanted to do a tribute to her on my page. Lets not forget her innovative style, that is still being bit off of. EXAMPLE CIARIA!. I went to a Justin Timberlake concert a few weeks ago and Timbaland did the nicest tribute to her on stage. Babygirl had a unique style when it came to her fashion. She was never too flashy, never too much sequence or too much hair. Just simple but FAB at the same time. She is definitly still missed! : ) So here are a couple music videos and pics of Aaliayh for you guys to enjoy.

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Ninabeena said...

Still love her. There hasn't been another to come close yet. Such style and grace. That girl could DANCE too - it seemed so flawless/effortless.