Thursday, June 14, 2007


A few months ago I read Vanessa Manilo signed on to create a line for Flirt Cosmetics. I didn't really pay any attention to it, until I walked into a Kolhs a few days ago. The cosmetic line is pretty cool, they have so many different shades of blushes,eyeshadows and lip glosses. They even have this really pretty All Over Gold Shimmer Mousse designed by Serena Williams. Great for putting on legs and arms for a night out on the town. Also the best part of their blush and powder is their packaging. Sometimes when I apply blush it wears off throughout the night. Flirt blushes come in a compact that flips open to reveal a pop up mirror and blush brush. VERY CONVENIENT and so easy to reapply. Also Flirt cosmetics price ranges are very reasonable. Powders, and lip glosses are $12.00. The blush and lipsticks are $10.00. They have great colors for summer time. I picked up one of their blushes called "Pink TuTu". You can learn more about Flirt Cosmetics at

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Anonymous said...

thanks for featuring flirt, i recently just went to kohls and tried out the eyeshadow and loved it! fyi: since you're a fan, they have a contest going on right now where they're giving away a product every day this month, here's the link yayyy free makeup:)