Friday, March 23, 2007


Natasha is starting to take some pretty great pictures. I was impressed by this shot.
BOOOOO don't like Renee!
Sarah is another person who I think will go far, but she is kind of forgetable. I sometimes don't even remember she is on the show until she takes a picture.
I am a Whitney fan, great body and a great face. I hope she continues to improve.
Dionne picture was good, but she should have went home, not Felicia. I can see her getting the boot real soon.
So Diana finally took a pretty good picture I have to say. She still is just blaah to me though.
Brittany took a great picture, and the red hair is starting to grow on me a tiny bit.
Felicia was kicked off and it was the biggest load of crap. I would like to believe that Tyra Banks isn't so self absorbed that she didn't kick her off because she kind of resembled her in pictures. But something tells me that was the case. I thought Felicia would have went far in the competition, it was sad to see her go.
Jaslene knows how to model, and Renee needs to quit hating on her. I loved this pic!
Though I can never understand what she is saying Jael is one of my favorites.

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