Thursday, March 15, 2007


Tyra and her crew did a great job with the makeovers last night on America's Next Top Model. Now I feel like the real competition starts after the makeovers. I loved their ice cream inspired photoshoot last night. When I get a hold of the pics from last night, I'll definitly post them Now Whitney looks like a model to me. She has a great shape, I just hope she steps it up a bit in her photoshoots
I love Jael, even though half the time I can't understand what she is saying lol. This cut showed off her great bone structure. I hope she goes far in the competition
I wasn't really impressed with Jaslene's makeover, but her photoshoot was on point.
Natasha may be clueless sometimes but that dark hair looks amazing on her, I barely recognized her.
I can't stand Renee and her constant hating on the other contestants. Her look bores me to tears.
Sarah can definitly take a great picture and the dark hair looks fab

I wasn't really feeling Brittany's makeover. The red hair looked kind of clownish on her and her cry baby attitude didn't help at all.
I love Felicia, she is def one of my favorites and I hope she does her thing in the competition. The darker hair is a real improvment.
Cassandra was kicked off last night and I wasnt really crying over it even though Diana should have went home instead. Her new afro really made her look more like a model. Anything is better than that damn wig she had sowed onto her head!
Diana's look was still as boring after her makeover as it was before.
One of my favorite makeovers last night. This cut is great on her, and she took a great pic as well

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