Monday, April 9, 2007


Stacy London is the co host of one of my favorite shows TLC'S "What Not To Wear". Stacy, along with her sidekick Clinton Kelly surprise unsuspecting fashion challenged victims with $5,000 makeovers. Stacy's knowledge of fashion and trade mark "SHUT UP" expressions has gotten her a gig as a red carpet fashion correspondent for Access Hollywood.She is also a frequent contributor to the Today show ,Oprah, Weekend Today, The Early Show, American Candidate, and Good Day Live.She began her career as a fashion assistant at Vogue magazine and later as the senior fashion editor at Mademoiselle. Stacy has worked with celebrities such as Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler. Now Stacy has her very own late night talk show on TLC called "Stacy London SHUT UP". I watched the pilot this weekend, even though the show is still trying to find its real direction, I can see it becoming a hit, if picked up for a full season.

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