Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What's In Your Purse?

I loved doing the first "Whats In Your Purse" post, and I got a lot of great feedback so I decided to do another. My friend Huseina was kind enough to let us into her purse to see what a 23 year old, doing her thing in NYC ,needs for her everyday travel. Thanks Huseina!

What's in your purse:
My LSAT prep course lesson book - i always have it around because i never finish the ridiculous amount of homework, and i try to find whatever time i can to do it
My ipod - i listen to it on my way to work to try to get me pumped for the day (99% of the time i don't get to work pumped, but i still love my ipod)
granola bar - in case of snack attack emergency
lancome juicy tube - it makes my lips look luscious and it's just yummy
gum - after having onions for lunch or when you bump into that certain someone: u need to be prepared
glasses - I'm nearsighted, but i hate wearing glasses all the time, so i just carry them with me whenever i might need it (if u know me and c me walking down the street, please don't think I'm ignoring you, it's possible i just don't c u)
hair claw - u never know when it might rain or snow or whatever, but my hair + frizz: not a good combination, so this comes in handy
my wallet - i almost never have any cash in it, or anything really for that matter, but everyone needs a wallet to hold whatever it is that pays for their stuff

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